What Not To Do In Barbados| 10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Visiting Barbados

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43 thoughts on “What Not To Do In Barbados| 10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Visiting Barbados

  1. Chazeen says:

    Thank you for all the comments that you guys leave on my videos! Feel free to drop any questions below. I always answer all of my comments 🙂 Additional helpful tips are welcomed as well. This is a community. Sharing is caring!

  2. MrGreenelander says:

    I once asked my British-born Bajan wife, what culture do you identify with? She sat there with a look of great concern, I asked her was your mom and dad from Barbados? No, your grandparents? no, your great-grandparents? no, your great times ten grandparents? no. Finally, I said, pleazzzzzzzze tell me how you Bajan woman. She said back in the 1600s. her times eleven great-grandma was born in Barbados. I then asked, pleazzzzze woman, what are you then, and she stated, I am Bajan. LOL

  3. Priscila says:

    Hi! Im going to travel and I have a question and is if you did online Immigration and Customs Form and if there still strict with the covid in barbados?

  4. 1983simi says:

    I'm currently in Barbados on business for a week and staying a bit off any hustle and bustle. For cabs I found the PickUp app really helpful. Easy to install and use and so far we havent waited longer than 5min for a cab ever.

  5. Kathryn Mat says:

    Born in Trinidad, grew up in Trinidad, many many many holidays growing up in Bim. Now in Miami, but I could live in Barbados in a nanosecond. My absolute favourite of all the islands and I have been to quite a few and to include living in St. Thomas for a year. Have not been for years, so now I will have to try and get back there to see. Enjoyed this video.

  6. RedStarX5CJ says:

    Very true and good points. ESPECIALY THE LAST ONE. If you Wana tip give to the person or persons in hand. Say this is for you. Otherwise it's not received in either full amount or in some cases at all.

  7. Janece Daniel says:

    As a bajan I was worried as to what foolish you were going to say as the trend with other creators doing similar videos but I feel like you did excellent in expressing your experiences without being disrespectful . I wish nothing but success for you

  8. Crystal A Walker-Selby says:

    My dad was born in Barbados, but my grandparents migrated to NYC when he was an child. I visited Barbados as a child. When I was married, I wanted to share my husband the other part of my heritage. We stayed at The Beach View at Paynes bay. That ride from the airport was nice until we got to the roundabout. We did see an accident as we were passing. We bought freshly prepared food from a woman at the Paynes bay fishery. We took the ZR to Christ Church to show him where my grandparents were raised! While we were at St Lawrence Gap, We found a supermarket that the locals shopped and bought groceries. Yes! We purchased local products. Anything from the U.S. was outrageously priced! I was raised to say good morning, good afternoon and good night. So it was not foreign. I have not found a beach in the Caribbean that compares to the beaches in Barbados! We went in mid October. The ocean felt like a hot tub. So lovely and healing! The people and the island are gems! Looking to come back soon. We had to cancel our vacation because of Covid! Hopefully we will be back this year! Thank you for your video! Everything you said is on point!

  9. Myla Dale says:

    I’ve been here for 60 days. I used the Zr or Transit Buses to get around. Purchased local vegs from local growers. I saved a tom of money eating like a local. Tried a couple $$$ restaurants..okay. I would always eat at local food stops at Speightstown or Oistins. I had a great time. Packed my heels and sent them home. I’m not a party girl.

  10. Jeniece Germain says:

    Don't buy clothes from the malls. So many Bajans I know say clothes are so expensive but they avoid town like the plague. Swan Street, St. James street and the street behind the Broad Street branch of Cave Shepherd has nice things for a good prices.

  11. isabelle bennett says:

    This is so helpful! This Island is such a special place and what makes it so special is the people. Everyone I met during my time there was so kind, helpful & friendly. So easy to make friends and talk to people. I LOVE Barbados & everything about it. Also just a PSA to support the local vendors; the Paynes Bay fish market is amazing & much better value for money. Same as the fruit & veg vendors in Bridgetown! Cannot wait to go back. Oh! And their hospital service is also great, I didn’t have to pay for my medical assistance (an ambulance from East Coast to Bridgetown, an X-ray, and around 8 hours of care). The only thing I had to pay for was medication on discharge. So grateful to Barbados and the beautiful Bajan people for taking care of me! ❤

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