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Vancouver – a city regularly voted “the World’s most livable”. With breezes that carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the …


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  1. Fiere Fox says:

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  2. Frankyxrax says:

    I live here and it's a great city. But what really makes this city magical is how you can drive 19 minutes and view the entire metropolis from a mountain and watch the sun (or moon) rise.

  3. sarahhchan says:

    If you want to sound like a local, you can add a g in the middle – "Vang-couver"! 🙂 and if you want seriously good Asian food, venture into Richmond, the city where the Vancouver Airport is located!

  4. ScienceOwnsImposters says:

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  5. Orlando Gonzalez says:

    I cant believe i lived there for around 2 years! i was so happy and felt so good to have beautifulness around my life every single day! i really want to go back soon and hopefully call it my home one day

  6. Nooruddin Khorasi says:

    There are quite a few expensive cities in Canada. But I would happily work my ass off to live in British Columbia. There isn't a place like BC and Vancouver anywhere else in Canada. I have lived in Vancouver quite long and seen every major cities of Canada, but my heart still yearns to be in Vancouver every morning I wake up. If you get tired of city, countless Islands are just ferry ride away.
    What a great video Expedia.

  7. MrBeastFan says:

    I legit cried while watching this video.
    It's like flashbacks of my childhood, regretting that I left there.
    Every stunning moment, a civilized city, strangers as neighbors, beautiful nature.
    I need to go back, I want to live my life again, I want to live my childhood again. I desire Vancouver more than anything, I regret, I cherish.

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