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Vancouver Island – a place of awe-inspiring natural beauty. In this video, discover why the fusion of history and rugged West …


29 thoughts on “Vancouver Island Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Neuralism Gaming TV says:

    More than enough anger and broken laws and sacrifice and betrayal for a lifetime can be experienced all on this island. The music festivals are great though if you still have a shred of your soul left as a Canadian.

  2. Jeff Winger says:

    Spent 2 weeks touring this island this spring…….if you like half naked, overweight, white women covered in hillbilly tattoos then you will love this place. 90% of the woman are upright walking whales with every type of ridiculous tattoo imaginable. Unbrushed bleached blonde hair and skin tight yoga pants that leave nothing to the imagination (camel toe city) seem to be the norm for every woman there along with the flip flop wedding shoe so we can see those big chunky feet with the painted nails. The scary part is they think it's all healthy and a lifestyle but can't seem to understand that the beached orca look is out of style worldwide. I prefer my little safe haven in Northern Ontario. Bye bye Vancouver island.(Deliverance theme song plays here)

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