TOP 10 Things to do in ROME – [2023 Travel Guide]

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44 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things to do in ROME – [2023 Travel Guide]

  1. Sam Roy says:

    Tourists in Rome checking out the Pantheon, Italy’s most-visited cultural site, will soon be charged a 5-euro ($5.28) entrance fee under an agreement signed March 16, 2023 by Italian culture and church officials.

    Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano said the move was a matter of “good sense.” The introduction of an entrance fee comes five years after a previous government shelved plans to start charging visitors 2 euros.

    Proceeds will be split, with the culture ministry receiving 70% and the Rome diocese 30%, officials said.

    The monumental domed structure, originally an ancient Roman temple, draws millions of visitors each year. It was transformed into a church in 609, called the Basilica of St. Mary and the Martyrs, and Mass is regularly celebrated there.

    Under the new plan, visitors under 25 years of age will be charged 2 euros. Entrance will be free to Rome residents, minors, people attending Mass and personnel of the basilica, among others.

  2. Master T Sayge says:

    I just came back from Rome Italy, and out of 33 countries I've visited Rome was by far the WORST!
    The city is trashed, the people there are EXTREMELY RUDE, and I got robbed twice by cab drivers (300eu).
    I also got robbed by pick pockets in subway and fortunately I kept all my valuables at home. The police had nasty attitudes and didn't help at all, they just said "Good bye" and walked off. This explains why Crime there is Extremely Extremely High!
    Customer service is beyond pathetic, and the atmosphere is very sad there.
    And I consider myself an extremely friendly guy.
    I don't know what's up in Rome but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVOIDING ROME!
    I Visted Peru, Columbia, Algeria, Japan, P.R., Mexico, Spain, and even Ghuana in past 7 years and those places were GREAT!!!

  3. Jonathan HANDCOCK. says:

    I used to bathe while in ranks under Roman Council in the water where Spainairds on canoe boats nowadays keep guarded the waters and only allow indivuals of worth to take rides while on a date drinking wine on the waters I use to clean my penis in . #ROME 2 SPAIN , SPAIN 2 ROME#.

  4. Nadine679 says:

    My first trip was Rome and I travelled when I was 17 years old in a high school trip .I remember the handsome and sexy american boys who they were next to our room (I love the foreign boys 😻) ,these amazing scenery ,the Italian handsome boys and a delicious food . Definitely,I would like to came back again some day.❤️

  5. pompilia niculae says:

    să vă spun adevărul vouă care sunteți prezenți pe youtube indiferent de identitate sau țară. camorra este de fapt în italia un fel de bandă de răufăcători cerlatați cu legea italiană și au arme. la un moment dat la noi pe raiuno italia spunea un adevărăt crunt , criminal care era filmat. dar aceștia nu mai erau în italia. eu învățând italiana din mai multe motive bine întemeiate am urmărit aceste știri. la un moment dat am văzut că totuși vecinii mei din cartierul rău famat în care locuiesc cu familia mea. mama fiind de profesie judecător secția civil. i am identificat , pt că vorbeau italiana și erau împreună și cu berlusconi. dar au trecut cei doi ani de pandemie. până când într o seară pe o str. sau auzit focuri de arme. eu de fapt eram lăsată singură știind limba. dar au avut un plan , să fugă din românia și să scape de justiție și pedeapsă. deci președintele republicii italiene era în ploiești cu camorra și berlusconi a fost prima captură. s aefectuat procedura legală de a fi judecați în românia fără dreptul de a se întoarce la inchisoare în italia, restul se știe de forțele competente și relația dintre italia și românia. dna ul din bucurești/ și diicot bucurești plus armata română, mă bucur că am ajuns la un final fericit. multă baftă în continuare.

  6. Ania :3 says:

    Wow, I'm impressed by how huge is Rome and its ancient monuments. I haven't been to Rome yet but it seems so huge, that are my conclusions.

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