TOP 10 Things to do in PRAGUE | Czechia Travel Guide in 4K

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47 thoughts on “TOP 10 Things to do in PRAGUE | Czechia Travel Guide in 4K

  1. Simon Jr says:

    Another OFFICIAL PRAGUE SCAM: Go to Petrin tower and come down with funicular. There you buy tickets. You enter. No barrier. Down 2 big guys. “You did not scan the ticket 1000 Kc fine. 40 euro.” But We paid. Take the tickets. No. You did not scan. OFFICIAL SCAM. 20 guys in funicular, 7 with problem. I have documents and film. #donotvisitprague

  2. zdenek danko says:

    Bratislava je lepšia pre život ako Praha. Tam sa máš kde bicyklovať, v lete kúpať, všade naokolo príroda a v neposlednom rade je tam aj lepšie jedlo. Sorry Praha, si iba turistický Disneyland a ponúkaš oveľa menej ako Bratislava. ☹

  3. Lukáš Maxa says:

    I have lived in Prague for five years and I havent seen everything from your list 🙂 I recommend Old town square, Charles Bridge, Malá Strana, Prague castle. There are many museums. If you are interested in art – old masters of paintings – there are two amazing exhibitions at "Hradčanské square".

  4. Edward Fernandez says:

    In another continent far away, with a culture different from ours. But it looks like a place this family will be happy to visit in the future. The spirit of the highest has blessed this ancient place and population with beauty and interesting history, art work, and music. Great travel tour, thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to visit someday!

  5. Buster Got It says:

    Hi Hungry Passport, this is the video I wrote on the email through your webpage. Kindly, get back to me ASAP….much appreciate. Great Prague video!!! 👍👍😎🍻

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