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St. Lucia – Find this island nation floating between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Explore this beautiful …


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  1. Expedia says:

    A correction and an apology. Our editing crew were obviously so mesmerised by St. Lucia’s beauty, they let a rare production boo-boo slip through. The notorious buccaneer, Peg Leg Le Clerc, actually settled on Pigeon Island around 1550, not 1950 as stated in the voice over! We’ll let the offenders off this time, but if it happens again they’ll be walking the plank! ; )

  2. Yogirlkez says:

    So im watching this cause i met someone online who is from here and hes really cute and darn this country is ❤️❤️❤️ breathtakingly beautiful

  3. heidi engellenner says:

    Saint Lucia- this was the last island that I visited before I took on my duties here on earth to defend and build heavens expansion project. I should explain- when my cousin by birth Sara married Eddie here on the planet- I filled out my invitation reply as two- myself and a guest. I did not bring anyone to the wedding. I had an empty chair- I was hoping that gods son would make the wedding, just show up, in looking back- if we ever show their wedding on earth- I need gods son to see the empty seat.

  4. suppresst says:

    This video is a lie. It is not an objective appraisal of St. Lucia's merits and shortcomings. The reality is that much of St. Lucia is ragged, with sagging infrastructure. Much of the island is characterized by a pervasive lassitude. For these reasons big resorts along the western coast of the island are a priority destination for probably the majority of tourists. The Rodney Bay area is life-upgraded, but there they are actually proud of the fact that at night loud speakers are moved into the street to pump out music for street dancing. If you actually like to sleep at nights on vacation, you might find the loudspeakers a bit of a problem. Another reality one has to confront is that the one airport big enough to accommodate international flights is a long, twisting, mountainous, expensive drive (most tourists take a taxi) from the best resort areas. Traffic accidents do happen; people do get horribly injured or die. You can book a flight on a helicopter taxi as an alternative. The island if naturally beautiful – mountainous and lush -, but you won't experience much of that within the confines of your resort. Just know the truth.

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