PARIS travel guide | Experience Paris

In this video, we’ll explore one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Paris. Explore its rich history, architecture, …


34 thoughts on “PARIS travel guide | Experience Paris

  1. SMH says:

    Thanks much for the GREAT CONTENT (but the background mudic is louder than your voice, and you speak just a little too fast – I needed to rewind a lot which made watching the video take twice as long). But again great highlights and I will check out some more of your videos. Tks much

  2. Adriana Martins says:

    Excellent video!
    Would you, please, do something on the Paris City Pass? Information on how to use it is not very clear. Can we use the Paris City Pass at the same time we use the Paris Museum Pass? Thank you.

  3. Adam Mc says:

    Hi, an unmissable and new place to visit in Paris for lunch, meet at 42 rue Rambuteau. A world premiere MADE IN FRANCE 😉 you will tell me some news.

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