Mexico Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Mexico. Mexico, land of the Maya and Aztec, temples and beaches and with a population of …


38 thoughts on “Mexico Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. micaela says:

    the anger i feel when they dont allow captions and they say names like
    and i spell it like "hawkimilco" on my spanish assignment

  2. Jovenal Domingo says:

    I text it many time this week last week n month ago lava volcano earthquake in advance gudday pray always jesus meh with u all!07 humans farming more cities worldwide concrete jungles is the wrong way to go think 07

  3. J. Todd Ring says:

    You have to work really hard to make Mexico seem boring, but this film does it. I find archeology, history and ruins fascinating, but they even made that seem dull. Maybe I should have stopped watching when the narrator said that Acapulco is on the Caribbean. That should have been a cue.

  4. Alf says:

    The mispronunciation of nearly every Spanish word and name made this video painful to watch. I couldn't watch the whole thing. And to imagine that I've probably been learning things this wrong from other Expoza videos on places/languages I'm not so familiar with.

  5. L Gorman says:

    Come on Expoza .. in EVERY video NOT just this one .. you have so many pronunciation errors and geographical errors its not funny. YET you have hired skilled video people? I watch them … but come on and get your facts right please!

  6. Melina A. says:

    hey guys, Im Mexican and I'm planning to share a video about the most common myths pleople have about México. So if you have a question about my culture, please write it down below. Thank you ❤

  7. Mason Sanchez says:

    Everyone tell me at least 10 facts cuz I'm doing this for spanish class, I have a 0 out of 20 and I'm spending time watching this for almost an hour while being sick

  8. Jose Robles says:

    ah Mexico. Sanborns Travels always issued maps and routes out toward destinations, and restaurants, sights, and other interesting informational guide to read and learn about MEXICO.
    i enjoyed getting my MEXICAN INSURANCE and guide book from the.They are still here!

  9. briantravelman says:

    This video should be called "Southern Mexico". There are plenty of key sites in the north they didn't show, including Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Copper Canyon. As well as some nice places in the south like Cuernavaca, Puebla, Taxco, Oaxaca and El Tajin.That being said, I think it's safe to say that Mexico is the most interesting country in the world, but this video didn't really do it justice.And the narrator couldn't have butchered those names any worse. Also, I don't think Merida is the country's only colonial city. Also, Acapulco is on the Pacific NOT the Caribbean and Chiapas is NOT part of the Yucatan peninsula. I can't believe that a professional travel video would have such geographic errors.

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