HOW TO TRAVEL BALI – 14 Days in Paradise

This is how to travel Bali in 2020. The perfect 2 week Bali Indonesia itinerary is right here for you to make sure you know what to …


46 thoughts on “HOW TO TRAVEL BALI – 14 Days in Paradise

  1. Fans Militan says:

    don't forget guys, with fun activities on,

    1. Bali Zoo

    2. Bali Safari & Marine Park

    3. Bali Waterboom

    4. Tanjung Benoa Waterspot

    5. Rafting and ATV
    6 Water Slide
    7. etc
    Enjoy your life while in Bali – Indonesia 😁

  2. Jake Adsett says:

    Not long been watching this channel and its incredible amazing content love the music gives such great vibes always wanted to travel and especially go Indonesia bali the food and culture is amazing keep up the great videos

  3. Travel Mind says:

    Did you know that Bali celebrates its own New Year's Day called Nyepi, which is a day of silence, fasting, and meditation. The entire island shuts down for 24 hours, with no lights, fires, or vehicles allowed, and people are expected to stay inside their homes and hotels in complete silence. 🤓🌎

  4. Ray Fernandez says:

    hey.. that's your old girlfriend, she use to do your videos and she was great, she did her make up and pampering herself way too much, you at least show us more than the hotel. Do you still have the old videos with her ? you have a new girlfriend every video you do, your lucky. They are not just any women, they are hot.

  5. CoreBobsAdventures says:

    I had that tour guid 2x and he’s not good with pics super nice but other tour guides have drones and what not and will even edit your photos professionally and tell you what to do with how to pose

  6. noel belen says:

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  7. KamruL ISLAM SUMON says:

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