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Denver – A scenic city surrounded by majestic mountains in Colorado. Check out the top things to see and do in Denver!


50 thoughts on “Denver Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. A5280T says:

    Colorado native here. Born in 1985. The biggest problem I see being a native to Colorado…is having to claim your apart of the rest of the stupid country. The biggest problem is having to deal with all the idiots from around the world that flocked here and are ruining it right before my eyes. YES, Colorado was better before the mass migration that occurred 10 years ago. You shitty people.

  2. Earthstar says:

    Colorado police officers are nuts there's no way I'll travel to Colorado. Did you see what they did to that lady they arrested? They detained her in a police car parked on railroad tracks and she was hit by a train. I'm guessing your cops are just as doped as the rest of your pot smoking population.

  3. R4JPyR24US says:

    I enjoyed my visiting of geology museum at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, best is definitely Coors tour with free tasting. Santa Fe Art Street is also quite interesting. As a Japanese I learnt about history of Japanese-American at Sakura Square.

  4. C L says:

    A couple of things about Denver: 1) We do have seasons other than winter, 2) No one here eats Rocky Mountain Oysters. It's a tourist thing. I don't even know where else you can order them!

  5. HealthySuper EDUARDO says:

    Since Denver is the safest, protected, calm, and friendly people, I am sure that the banks may be hiding tons of money. So that is why being a savage in Denver suppose to be the hardest dare.

  6. HealthySuper EDUARDO says:

    °Nice people
    °Perfect services
    °Perfect prizes
    °Schools are fine
    °Perfect neighborhoods. No evil and yelling neighbors allowed
    °Low crime
    °perfect traffic
    °being able to walk at midnights without getting kidnapped, shot, robbed, etc
    °good paying in jobs
    °more religious people
    °cristian people are able live freely without getting bullied
    °people of all races are freedom
    °people with disabilities are safe and not bullied
    °if any issues happens, it will be solved immediately.

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